[LATEST] PSForever Launcher

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[LATEST] PSForever Launcher

Postby Chord » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:22 am

>>>> Download PSForever Launcher <<<<

What is PSForever Launcher?
PSForever Launcher is a replacement launcher for DBG's PlanetSide launcher. It's not required for running the game, but it shows interesting debug information when combined with PS1 GameCapture.
You would to use this launcher for convenience or if you are debugging / capturing for PS.
By having this launcher, PSForever can easily control how PlanetSide starts up, so when PSForever servers become available, this will ease connecting to them.

How do I use PSForever Launcher?
Easy! Just download the ZIP, extract, and run PSForever_Launcher.exe. Make sure that when you extract that the accompanying DLLs stay in the same directory as the main EXE. NOTE: you CANNOT run this by double-clicking straight from the ZIP file. You must extract first.
When you login, you are presented with username and password fields, a Skip Launcher [✓], and some game path information. You can either login using your DBG
username and password (not saved or transmitted to anyone but DBG) or you can choose to skip the launcher and start PlanetSide directly.

The launcher will try to automatically determine the path to your 'planetside.exe' file. Sometimes this is not possible to do automatically. In this case, you will see that the path is not found. You must find where your planetside.exe is on your computer and point the launcher to its directory.

* New tool branding (GameLauncher -> PSForever Launcher)
* New application icon
* Fixed planetside.exe finding bug
* Major code refactor
* Repaired DBG JSON endpoint comparisons (figuring out if an account needed a password reset)
* Added "Kill" button
* Added settings menu and additional settings
* Simplified interface
* Added hide and show buttons for the debug output (default hidden) for non-developers.


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