Some theories I have on the game and things I've noticed

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Some theories I have on the game and things I've noticed

Postby KingFeraligatr » Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:18 am

In my time playing PS1 and paying some attention to some of the nuances to it, I've come up with some ideas, theories, and observations with the game. This thread is dedicated to some of my findings.

The Ancient Vanu designed Auraxis as a game/entertainment zone and are involved somehow with the Auraxian War

I find the first part of this theory to be more true than the second part, but both seem to have basis. I know PS is weak on story and this might have never been intended, but it's fun to think about. Also, I think that the original PS1 devs (the ones who worked on it before release), had a much clearer vision and game design than any other PS1 dev team to date, so I might have a point here.

The first part of this theory is that I think the Ancient Vanu might have made Auraxis to be unintentionally found by some bumbling civilization or group. The civilization or group would find the nigh limitless resources of the planet, rebirthing, how to use the nanites to their goals, etc. The civilization or group would be too enamored and dependent on the planet to leave, and if they got to Auraxis using a wormhole, it'd close on them without their consensus regardless. This would leave them stuck. On a planet with very tempting technology that they are dependent on. Tensions rise like always, and soon you have war. I like to like paint the Ancient Vanu as sadistic, bored, deity like beings that get sick enjoyment of others' misery. The Ancients could have found this amusing and lulzy, which is one reason they'd make the planet in the first place. Hence you get an intentionally made game area and a meta take on the (thin) story. Stand by though, as this gets more meta in the next part of the theory.

The next part of my theory assumes the Ancients are still around and invisible. I mean, why not? They've made technology that runs on space magic (nanites and Auraxis and shit). The geowarps popped out of nowhere in lore. The Bending is a ridiculous plot development that happened. If they can make Auraxis do that, they could be still around. They're a race of deus ex machinas and plot contrivances. They seem like omnipotent demigods with their tech. So them being gone just doesn't seem like it could happen. Continuing on, the race is sadistic to others (mostly non Ancient Vanu) and uncaring about them. reveling only in their misery. They have a slight god complex as well. However, they're bored and want entertainment. Cue them making Auraxis, waiting for some suckers to come there (don't know how they entertain themselves here), wait for tensions to brew up with these suckers (humans from TR Earth) as they discover the Ancient's tech, close the wormhole they used to get here just as things are starting to get real bad, and wait for all hell to break loose. Cue the Ancients finally having something to amuse them for all time (wow, they must be stupid and/or lazy to wait this long for that). They view the VS not much different from the TR or NC --- just a lulz. A lulz that worships gods they don't know exist and don't return the favor.The Ancients say nothing about this, of course. After this, I break the theory up from here.

1. The Ancients watch the Auraxian War, influencing it as it goes on: The Ancients, finally getting to watch fanatical armies kill each other for all time, decide at times they get bored and want to change things up. They add weapons, "rebalance" things, make the Geowarps pop up, instigate the Bending, let the Black Ops exist, and more. All the while getting amused looking at these pathetic humans. I doubt this would have been intended even remotely, but in a meta sense, some of (or all of) the Ancients could be seen as a representation of SOE. They deved the game, kept things running, treated people like shit, where lazy shit for brains, basically saw this game as an amusement at best that was disposable, etc. And then, when they got bored, they left. Sort of how like I characterize the Ancient Vanu. I assume lore wise though, not all Ancients stopped watching in amusement unlike SOE.

2. We, the players, are the Ancient Vanu, controlling our human pawns in this game: This one borrows a lot from #1, but is it's own thing. Basically, I have a thought that when the humans first matrixed themselves into the Auraxian system, they lost all semblance of free will and became the pawns of the Ancients. We as the players take to role of an Ancient Vanu that has multiple humans at their beck and call (depending on your character count). They are our avatars as we control them in the game on Auraxis. There would also be "High Vanu", to explain why changes happen. Basically these "High Vanu" would watch and change the game. These are SOE, ofc. Just as the Vanu delight in being cruel and godlike, we treat out human avatars poorly (even if you like your character, you're still putting them through and endless hell in the game). This might explain why new characters just pop in, chatting, quitting, the map, and so much more. Unfortunately, this theory has plenty of holes in it and seems more outlandish than usual. Still, it's very meta.

As I've said before, these ideas are very outlandish and something like a fanfic. Still, the game drops some hints these might be true. It's pure speculation and overthinking a game with a very thin story. I probably overthought things here, but it's fun to think about.
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Re: Some theories I have on the game and things I've noticed

Postby EmpireCrusher203 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:43 pm

I am skeptical...
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Re: Some theories I have on the game and things I've noticed

Postby hyperion9710 » Sun Dec 25, 2016 4:04 am

like as reaper in mass effect series, using ancient tech and grown like that and begins war? XD
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Re: Some theories I have on the game and things I've noticed

Postby Devil Wolf » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:27 pm

Hey its a conspiracy theory! Planetside has now evolved to being controlled lol.

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