I got to the Caves in Oflline Training!

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I got to the Caves in Oflline Training!

Postby KingFeraligatr » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:58 pm

Although it was a bit of a hack job, I was able to do what most have not been able to do in years and access the Caves in Core Combat Beta Offline Training. My first Cave I started with and tested was Annwn. While I was still limited as ever from Offline Training, I was able to some things. I could not explore anything but the ground level as the teleporters and ziplines did not work and the Mossie I spawned could not be accessed or flown. Also, any vehicle I pulled could not be driven either. Most AT things could not be accessed and the crystals did not work. However, I could access the AT Vehicle and Equipment terms and pull any non AT valid vehicle or weapon. The doors worked fine and I could decon in the AT spawner. When I deconned though I was stuck as I could not respawn anywhere.

I might eventually polish up my Cave exploration and access all the other Caves. And I might find out to make vehicles actually work. Until then enjoy some screenshots I took: http://imgur.com/a/dFJVs . There was no option to turn off the hide HUD when taking a screenshot, so I my HUD does not appear on all Screenshots.

I'd like to thank several people for making this possible:
    Chord for making PSForever. There'd be no community effort to make the tools responsible without him.
    SirKane for helping out with coding of the project and making PS1Pack.
    Shaql for helping out with the coding of the project and giving me a really good base to carry out this project. Me copying, pasting, and editing his Oshur exploration offlinetraining.pak was helpful.
    MooK for his further help.
    Spoilers for indirectly inspiring me to start with Annwn. He claimed it was the best cave.
    Anyone else that helped me today as I worked on this.
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Re: I got to the Caves in Oflline Training!

Postby GeEkOfWiReS1097 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:18 pm

This is beautiful. I'm gonna look into doing this myself as well, as I haven't seen the caves in years. Nice job man.

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