PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

What features would you like to see in PSForever?
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Captain1nsaneo-J » Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:00 pm

-Maximum Battle Rank:
40, 25 either is fine.

-Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):
Yes, no changes.

-Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:
There are always going to be inequalities in the lattice, the most recent one is good as is.

Oshur is a bit of an odd duck. The battle islands were fun for a period of time before changes sucked the life out of them. When first released all 4 had individual vehicle and weapon rule sets that were tailored to the type of fighting the island promoted.
Ascension focused on air vehicles and infantry with no skyguards, MBTs, or BFRs.
Desolation was designed for ground vehicle combat with HA banned and the only aircraft allowed were gals, lodes, and mossies.
Extinction had bridge fights and I don't think there were any real restrictions on weapons, though I have enough conflicting memories that there may have been limits on tech vehicles but I remember having MBTs, Reavers, and Libs there at one point.
Finally Nexus was meant for infantry fights and the only vehicles allowed were ATVs, gals, lodes, harassers, mossies, AMSs, and ANTs.

All of the islands now share the same rule set which makes them an unenjoyable slog.

-Infantry Weapons:
Return AI Sweeper rounds to doing 0 damage to MAXs. It was a little thing that was fun if you knew about it. The 20mm pistols need a niche to fill but I'm not sure what it would be. Increase thumper plasma AP damage, current plasma nades are useless and giving them viability against MAXs would help them. Cut the rocklet secondary fire charge time in half. Decrease the cost on the Dragon's secondary fire or improve it.

-Equipment/Support Devices:
Remove Flack Turret upgrade. (They're too strong of an AA tool and were added to counter GGs, AV upgrades are still viable as they upgrade the CoF for the normal turret fire)

-Armor (Infantry/MAX):
As is.

-Vehicles (all including BFRs):
Remove gunship as it messes with anti-aircraft balance too much. Reaver armor returned to normal levels. Reduce Wasp lock-on range to half current. Make the secondary aurora fire mode shoot 8 rounds rather than 6, keep magazine size of 12.

BFRs... originally they were meant to be a super-heavy tank, the FV and one-man versions crippled this idea and some of the nerfs left a ton of their weaponry as useless. I'd try to salvage the original intent because there is some definite potential in their design. Remove the FV, keep the gunner as the default, up the armor and shields again favoring shields but not to the silly levels they started with, increase the chance of systems damage from AP medium assault weapons (give another encouragement to carry AP rounds but prevent the MCG and JH from being OP). The empire specific differences in movespeed and armor would be good to get back. The Armor Siphon needs either a rework or a serious buff. The NTU siphon needs stronger utility, currently you can drain a base to 50% with it, EMP 5 times with a full charge (20 sec cd between blasts), and it can fill only 15% of a base. These things only ever show up if you're part of an organized group draining bases and they aren't worth giving up an arm slot at the moment, a shot that explodes into a small/medium EMP CUD blast where it lands might make it somewhat viable. Increase in BFR starfire projectile movespeed (no FV means that the starfire will be the worst of the 3, this is to help that a little). Increase the shield regen buff while crouched.

Merge BFR AI and AA weapons into the BFR cert. Increase BFR cert cost by 1.

Allow BFR autorun to be keymappable again. (this was actually removed for some bizarre reason, I have an old custom keymap saved that I revert to and have to copy after every use just to get around this)
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby shinything » Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:44 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 25

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: Old Oshur, caves, keep the lattice and home conts as is

Infantry Weapons: It's been too long since I was really playing the game, so I'll need time to get back into it to think about what I think the game needs for balance tweaks. Most of my complaints are about the ADADAD style of fighting, an area where PS2 really did improve upon the original unquestionably.

Equipment/Support Devices: This was my favourite part of PS1, and I don't think it needs a lot of tweaking. I will say that GOTR once spammed an entire tower area with deployables and ended up crashing the server...would be nice to optimize that part of the code so a "very heavily fortified tower" is still possible

Armor (Infantry/MAX): Free rexo for everyone, make Agile a 2-cert requirement. Rexo is a lot closer to what people expect out of armor in a modern shooter; this helps eliminate the disparity and keep the game accessible.

Vehicles (all including BFRs): BFRs should stay in the game, but limit the number that can be deployed at once in a given area. Maybe 2 per faction per SOI? Core Combat should be on so things like switchblades and flails are enabled.

Notes/Extras: Agree the empire cooldown could be a bit lower than current, for instance 2-4hrs. If we implement an alert system (which I think could be a ton of fun if done properly) it'd have to last at least 2x the length of an alert.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Pollo Jack » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:24 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 27-25. Initially with a low pop the max BR would be 27, as the server becomes more populated the max BR falls back to the ideal of 25. Discouraging the one man army stereotype.

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes. This was the TRs stomping ground. Reduce cap times for secondary connections. Not sure about including the actual cave benefits.

Continental / Galactic Lattice: Old Oshur, Original home conts, turn battle islands into event conts as they are designed around particular play styles.

Infantry Weapons: Drop Lasher TTK to 1.1 from 1.33 on rexo. It is still a beast for BD and in groups, but there aren't many groups with the low pop.

Equipment/Support Devices: Cap the hacking tree to Adv Hacking, give it the ability to input virsuses and purge them as well as hack CE but not base turrets. Lower the deployable cap for CE. Consider removing the CE tree past CE and reincorporating the higher tree into CE.

Armor (Infantry/MAX): Increase flight speed of sparrow missiles. Increase AA damage for Burster by 1.05, increase damage for sparrow by 1.1, increase damage by starfire by 1.03. They should be able to kill aircraft not just ward them off. Reduce fire rate of flak turrets or remove them, too much area denial for inanimate objects.

Vehicles (all including BFRs): Remove crouch ability from BFRs. Increase shield regen for flight variant, the double whammy nerf on it was overkill. Cut the galaxy gunships topspeed down to 2/5ths its current speed. Halve the damage taken by ATVs/Buggies from mines. Buff skyguards armor to require 1.7 reaver rocket salvos from the current 1 rocket salvo. Remove the wasp.

Notes/Extras: Triple the underdog bonus to xp and increase the spawn time bonus by half. Consider putting a check in to see if a player is inside a vehicle, like their model is inside but they aren't actually in it. If they are inside then they begin to receive damage. I would often repair a vanguard from inside it with no chance of taking damage. Assist xp/kills would also be nice but maybe not possible.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby NoUntakenNames » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:57 pm

PS1 changes:

Max BR: 20 (For getting Certs); 40
(Cosmetics/Bragging Rigts)

Core Combat: Sort of. Caves exsist but Spelunkers don't affect Overworld game. No modules.

Lattice: Contidental. Older Oushur. Battle Islands are available for Competetive PS1. Use current Home Continents, rotate one every 6-8 weeks to keep it fresh.

Infantry: Make HA a specialty weapon set, where you need only a few in each squad. MCG would get better accuracy, and a Bipod that when used would double RoF but make you imobile. Jackhammer gets projectiles that vanish at 10m, but secondary fire is super fast and able to damage several people at once. Lasher is basically the current version, but has a "Beserker" mode with high damage, explosive orbs, and disabling implants. All HA weapons reduce movement speed significantly, even when holstered. HA is also 6-7 Certs.

Nerf Run/Gun accuracy on all "Rifle" slot weapons.

Rexo and MA are only one Cert each.

Equipment: Medical/ Engineering are 1 each, CE/Adv. Medical are 4 Certs each. See the specialty of soldiers near you (via an icon above their head. Soldiers with Adv. Medic would show a heart or triage cross, hackers a computer, AV an explosive, etc.)

Armor: Balance MAXes, particularly the NC. Make AV MAX useless against infantry, and AI MAX would have my Jackhammer changes. No Infantry changes, besides Armor prices, and spawn with Rexo to fight Spawn Camping. To avoid spawn wars, less XP on kill while inside spawn.

Ground Vehicles: BFRs should be tanks that can more easily get on hills, but moves slower on flat ground. Fix VS BFR. Remove CC vehicles. Make Sunderer spawn point that can be spawned at at any time, but no HA/MAX units or invisibility. AMS can't be deployed inside bases (My new Sunderer can).

Aircraft: No/Nerfed GG. Less Reaver Armor, less Wasp Missle Range/Missle box is larger.

Certs/Progression: One Implant slot/Five Certs at BR1, CR1 requires less CEP. No Cert cost changes, besides those already listed. BR40 doesn't grant all Certs. Keep the Cert packs (Light Scout, Adv. Engineer, etc.) but bundle more Certs with them (rewards specialization); this also changes cost (throw in Lightning with Light Scout, cost goes from 5 to 7 Certs).

Make Hacking 1 more appealing (hack faster, maybe hack consoles for personal (not empire) use?)

Bioengineering: 3 Certs for repairing armor to 100%(10% for MAX) upon revive. Requires Adv. Medical and Assault/Defense Engineer.

Implants: Psheild Nerf, and possibly takes up two implant slots? Dark light is more efficient whist moving.

Misc: Make mouse sensitivity a number rather than a position on a slider. Add DPI selector? Make lockers hold more. A "garage" to hold vehicles (And mabye get ammo for said vehicles?)

No third person while in combat (infantry only, of course)?
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Berakh » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:40 pm

Maximum Battle Rank:

max around BR25 / BR27 BR30 with a cert at every level, maybe let it keep going just for bragging rights but no extra certs past that point.

Cape for CR6 (nohitbox)

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):

Reopen the caves, #MakeCoreCombatGreatAgain, maybe don't allow core weapons on surface though, maelspam is kinda bad and OP

Continental / Galactic Lattice,

Back to a global lattice, don't have the current situation where on-map displays of global / local pop are either on the edges to be visible on continent map so blocking mini-view of each continent from the global screen

Home Continent setup, Old Oshur,
Have some flexibility with the arrangements, can rotate between having 0/1/2/3 home conts, maybe get rid entirely of ownership benefits for the middle continents, make lattice connections matter always, or break ownership benefits if you don't have a lattice link to/from that cont to your current base

Oshur Battle Islands, etc:
Use the battle islands as a side route into other continents, maybe set all their warpgates as outbound connections dropping you in random spot in a defined area on a normal continent, ie, into the mountain range on searhus south of the core, not too tightly defined an area to mitigate camping of an area without a defensive forcefield, entry to the islands only via HART or a similar mechanic to drop vehicles in a randomish spot on the continent (though probably avoiding a quick watery grave on extinction)

Infantry Weapons:

being able to pin a box of ammo to a small rifle would kinda be awesome, a slight upside to using MA in an agile flight suit, you get a bonus box of ammo with it, potential downside is it means thumper users couldhave way more ammo too though.

Equipment/Support Devices:

Add a strong self-repair boost when you repair/medapp someone, to encourage people to rep/heal others after a fight, not self-heal then swap to bank, self-repair.

Armor (Infantry/MAX):

Unlock the knife slot to allow infils, agile, sexo and rexo to carry a grenade there instead if preferred, have a single MAX suit on shorter cooldown that can swap weapons too? being able to hotswap weapons in a max could be awesome, dunno about looting unless TR MAXes got normalised to having one strong arm instead of split guns

Vehicles (all including BFRs):
Letting vehicle crew operators either swap places in travel or control other position weapons? I've always wanted to be able to fly a Liberator while a gunner can rotate the main cannon to fight tanks etc.

Probably keep BFRs if you can fix screen shake by having them always move via the hover strafe system they already have instead of shaky walking, would help if they didn't get stuck on tiny rocks also

Also if possible, put an interference effect on battleframe shields? If someone wants to run a full squad of BFRs, they still only get one BFR worth of shield regen, so damage distributed between the group doesn't heal rapidly if one of them stops taking damage, force the group to split up if they want to get their full shields back quickly (or get picked off and killed)


Keep free REXO for all this time instead of waiting for 6 year veterancy merit (fewer overall certs and no br40 everycert)

edit: change hacking/advhack to be 1/4 or 2/3 points instead of current 3/2 unless basic hacking is made more valuable


Allow people to directly deploy a vehicle they're certed for into the ground using one of the 3slot engineering devices, maybe requiring advanced engineering or something too.

Spawn aircraft at speed moving up from an airpad like actual planes taking off, or vipers on battlestar galactica blasting out of a launch tube at speed. (with early control to not start with too much of a velocity vector on a galaxy / lodestar to turn it the right way)

Fix auto-drive at dropship centres to let people turn right off the pad instead of auto-left-then-stop
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Firefly » Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:00 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: BR25, CR5

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Core Combat on, no air vehicles allowed in caverns, only AMSes and ATVs for allowed Auraxis-based ground vehicles, any Core Combat vehicles allowed, no BFRs in caverns
Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: All continents, all battle islands, all caverns. I'd like to see the orbital platforms unlocked and fleshed out, if possible. I'd like to see it returned to pre-bending so that it's one giant planet again.

Infantry Weapons: All

Equipment/Support Devices: All

Armor (Infantry/MAX): All

Vehicles (all including BFRs):
All, but BFRs reverted to their original design (including re-adding the 1-man flying variant), and heavily modified so that they face deconstruction if they enter an SOI.

Certifications: all, restored so that a BR25 cannot own all certs, can't swap at will, has 24-hr cooldown.

Notes/Extras: I'd like to see water become a viable thing, with the ability to surface if you're in Standard or Infil, or Agile/Rexo quickly lose Stamina if they surface. MAX should be self-contained and have a much lengthier air supply, cannot surface. Maybe some additional surface craft like a transport (yes I know Delis are amphibious) an artillery gunboat, offshore platform for spawning, with gun turrets and hackable CC.

I'd also like to see CSRs on the private server, with a ticket/reporting system and a cohesive set of rules and policies.

I'd like to see a log-in system where you have to manually click the mouse cursor on a keyboard to aid against automatic logging in (done in some MMOs to prevent bots from gold-farming). This probably won't be an issue on a private server, but still.

Maybe increase the flight ceiling, see if physics will allow for better flight mechanics.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Draknar » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:14 am

Naeadil wrote:Maximum Battle Rank: 25

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:
Galactic Lattice with current Home Continent setup and Old Oshur. Home continents should be rotated every couple months to keep the game fresh.

Infantry Weapons:
- Bring back an old version of the Lasher, preferably 2.0
Reasoning: The Lasher is disproportionately weaker than the other Heavy Assault weapons, and even somewhat versus the Sweeper Shotgun. It's harder to use a considerable margin, and suffers from bad hit detection. The older version of the Lasher would attract VS players to return, and it is used much differently than the MCG and JH, creating more Empire diversity.

Equipment/Support Devices: None

Armor (Infantry/MAX): None

Vehicles (all including BFRs):

- Revert the Reaver Armor buff mistakenly left in the aftermath of Coder Madness 2 Event patch
- Remove BFRs
- Remove Galaxy Gunships
- Remove WASPs


The following are all custom changes mainly intended to help quality of life:

- The cooldown for forgetting certifications has been reduced to 1 hour.
- You can now use the Forget All certifications function every 24 hours.

Medium Assault
- No longer grants access to the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), and Pulsar (VS).

Standard Assault
- Now grants access to the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), and Pulsar (VS).
Reasoning: Not specializing in Medium Assault makes you nigh useless as an infantry. This will make beginners/lowbie characters life a little less painful, but still allows Medium Assault to be attractive (Sweeper/Punisher are great weapons).

Ground Support
- This certification has been removed from the game. It has been split into Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) and Router.

Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)
- Grants access to the Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) vehicle.
- This certification is available for free to all characters and is learned by default.
Reasoning: The AMS is very important, and in low populations not having this Certification causes the game flow to slow down too much.

- Grants access to the Router vehicle.
- This certification costs 1 Certification Point.


Health Module

The following are all custom changes mainly intended to help quality of life:

- The increased maximum health portion of this module’s benefit has been removed.
Reasoning: One of the worst mechanics in the game detracting from the "skill over stats" design philosophy. Very strangely out of place.

Character Selection
- The cooldown for switching Empires has been reduced to 1 hour.

Equipment Terminals
- Choosing a favorite loadout of the same non-MAX armor type you are currently wearing at an Equipment Terminal now fully repairs your armor.
Reasoning: Makes it easier for new players and require less key presses overall to repair your armor at an Equipment Terminal.

- The “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favorite loadout has been altered to replace the three stacks of Plasma Grenades in the Inventory with two stacks of Fragmentation Grenades and one stack of Jammer Grenades.
Reasoning: Makes the loadout more diverse and useful for beginners.

- Players now spawn in Agile Exosuit with either the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), or Pulsar (VS) and appropriate ammo depending on the Empire of the character. Their inventory and weapons are configured the same as the updated “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favorite loadout.
Reasoning: Agile Exosuit originally costed Certification Points in the PlanetSide beta. It was intended as an upgrade to Standard Exosuit. When it was made free, I feel it was an oversight to keep Standard Exosuit in the game. Additionally, this is a quality of life change for beginners, allowing them to spawn with decent armor, weapon, and loadout. It is a slight nerf to spawn camping, a tactic many aren't too fond of anyway. I strongly feel the positives outweigh the negatives by far.

- The increased respawn penalty for dying has been removed from the game.
Reasoning: This slows down the game way too much, making the game way too stale for beginners and veterans alike.

- Allow for custom Pop Locks: 200v200v200 per continent.
Reasoning: More people can't hurt if the technology supports it.

Planning on filling this out more later!

This! All of this! Naeadil, I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Berakh » Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:10 pm

Point to discuss, should poplocks be set to allow balanced numbers or allow pop advantages? easier to prevent frequent stalemates if the attackers can move in early to secure a 300v200v100 advantage, assuming even global pops that then helps force secondary continent fights to be a thing rather than everyone piles onto same continent; map moves faster with pop imbalance, which is ?aGoodThing?

Assuming modern server hardware and not needing to compensate for people on 56k dialup, are poplocks <1000 even required? not sure how much it's an exponential versus linear scaling problem with that many characters in one area needing to know about each other?
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Wilko » Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:12 pm

No Flails
I forget whatever else infantry weapons they added when they were trying to entice people into the caverns and towards the end but cut out all extra AOE spam weapons.
Remove the liberator forward firing cannon.
Remove the headshot addition to the hitbox.
No third person infantry mode.
Tone down infiltrators ability to abuse invisibility and kill people.
No air vehicles allowed in the caves.
Ideally no 4th empire, depending on numbers you get one character and that's it.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Berakh » Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:32 pm

More Fifth Empire

Better offensive firepower for Lib tailgunner, let them control and aim the nosegun or something

Controls for vehicle driver/commander to take/delegate weapon systems controls to/from other vehicle crew could be awesome too, solo Lib / skyguard / factionTank as a big reaver/[no1manAAvehExists]/Lightning

Also WTB aft-firing missiles for aircraft

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